You’re versus Your

You’re versus Your

A common mistake that people make is the use of words ‘You’re’ and ‘your’. Where to use which word is a little confusing, so let’s clear your doubts about how to use them.


‘You’re’ is a contraction of ‘you are’ it is a 100% rule and it has no other usage. If you cannot use ‘you are’ instead of ‘you’re’ in a sentence it means the sentence is incorrect.


  • Please send the parcel whenever you’re free. (Please send the parcel whenever you are free.)
  • You’re too busy doing your assignment. (You are too busy doing your assignment.)


The word ‘your’ is usually used before a noun or a pronoun to show that something belongs to someone or is related to someone.


  • Your uncle is waiting for you at the reception.
  • I came to return your book.

You’re and your are not interchangeable and have absolutely different meanings.

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