So versus Such

So versus Such

Let us understand the difference between the usage of ‘so’ and ‘such’.

‘So’ with adjectives and adverbs:

So + adjective/adverb + that + result


  • The teacher speaks so clearly that everyone can understand her.
  • The sun was so strong that they got sun rash within 15 minutes.

‘So’ can be combined with adjectives to show extreme situations. This form is often used in exclamations.

The music is so loud! I wish they would turn it down.

Such + nouns

Such + a + (adjective) + singular noun + that + result (It is common to put an adjective before the noun)


  • He is such a good teacher that no student struggles with maths anymore.
  • This is such a beautiful place that I would want to come here again.

‘Such’ can be combined with an adjective and a noun to show extremes. This form is often used in exclamations.

Don has such a big house! I think it’s a little ridiculous.

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