Since versus For

Since versus For


It is used when we measure the duration, when we say how long something lasts.

For + a period of time: To measure a period of time up to the present, we use the present perfect tense and not the present tense.


  • I have known her for a long time.

The present tense with ‘For’ refers to a period of time that extends into the future.


  • How long are you here for?


It gives the starting point of actions, events or states. It refers to when things began.

Since + a point in time (in the past), until now.


  • I’ve been waiting since 7 o’clock.

With since we use the present perfect tense or the past perfect tense.


  • I have been here since 5 o’clock and I am getting tired.

Since can also be used in the structure It has been + period of time + since.


  • It has been two months since I last saw her.

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