Of versus Off

Of versus Off

Of and off are homophones. They have the same pronunciation but different meaning and spellings. People are rarely confused in the usage of these two words once they know the meaning. Let us see the difference between Of versus Off.


It is a preposition. It can have a lot of usage in the English language. Let’s have a look./n

It means to belong to or relate someone or something.

  • He has a fear of heights.
  • These are the works of M.F Husain.

Of is also used to show amount.

  • There are a lot of students outside.
  • We need 1 kg of apples.

Of is used to show number, age or date.

  • I was born on the 4th of April.
  • I got an increment of 10% in my salary.

Of can mean contain or consist of.

  • Can you give me a glass of water?
  • She brought me a box of chocolates.

Of can be used to show a reason.

  • Frederick died of Cancer.
  • These devastations were the result of the war.

Of can mean about.

  • The president spoke highly of the Army.
  • The tale of two cities.

Usage of ‘of’ to Show someone or something .

  • let me show you a picture of my child.

Of usage to show a characteristic.

  • The meeting is of no importance.
  • He is a man of great honor.

Of can mean ‘to live or come from a certain place.

  • He is of British origin.
  • The people of France are called French.


It is an adverb. It can be used in a few scenarios such as:

Off can mean not touching something or removing something.

  • Please take off your shoes.
  • The bottle just fell off.

Off means canceled.

  • The deal is off.
  • The wedding is off.

Off can mean something that is not operating or not at work.

  • switch off the light.
  • The computer is off.

Off can mean that someone is away from a place.

  • The thief ran off before the police arrived.
  • Will you get off at the next station?

Off can mean near.

  • Her house is off the main street.
  • That lane is off the highway.

Off can mean far away as well.

  • Our anniversary is a long way off.
  • They went off to Africa 10 years ago.

Off can mean discount.

  • there is 20% off on this book.
  • I got this dress at a 5% off.

Off means leave too.

  • I need the day off.
  • She is on her weekly off today.

The best way to remember the difference between of and off is that, Of means connected and off means disconnected.

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