Hello English Scaling Training Across Dispersed Workforce at TOP QSRs

Top restaurant chains like Domino’s, McDonald’s, Burger King and more with 1000s of employees across 100s of locations trust Hello English to train geographically dispersed workforce on English and job-relevant communication skills.  A large section of the workforce at the largest restaurant chains comes from limited formal educational backgrounds and are primarily vernacular language speakers. Moreover, odd work hours and multiple shifts make it difficult to schedule classroom training or to keep these learners engaged for long. With deep personalization of learning, and instant scalability across locations, job roles, and diverse learning backgrounds, Hello English has proven to be a one-stop solution for these leading chains.

Customized content simulates QSR specific scenarios to make associates more confident and polite – thereby improving service quality and CSAT scores across job roles.

Domino’s India launched Hello English’s Enterprise App across 990 outlets countrywide across learners who spoke 12 different native languages. McDonald’s witnessed a 163% jump in Pre v/s Post Training Assessment Scores of their workforce trained with Hello English.

Hello English for Restaurants. Dominos’s , Barbeque Nation, McDonald’s, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts


  • SCALING: Difficulty in training geographically dispersed workforce: physical interventions are challenging to scale wrt costs and logistics, plus do not offer consistent quality across locations.
  • TIME BOUNDATIONS: Workforce with long work hours and multiple shifts makes classroom training challenging
  • LACK OF PERSONALIZATION: One size fits all approach of training content doesn’t work with varied starting levels, job roles, and vernacular backgrounds of the workforce
  • DIFFICULT TO DELIVER QUICK ROI: Difficult to prove quick ROI from traditional training programs owing to limited measurability


  1. SCALE: A mobile-first platform, Hello English makes trainings automated, standardized and scalable across 1000s of locations and job roles. Users can learn from anywhere, at any time – even when they’re offline!
  2. JOB-RELEVANCE + QUICK ROI: Focused on improving customer interaction and soft-skills, our QSR Industry course covers comprehensive topics such as up selling/ cross selling, describing food and beverage items, taking orders, handling billing and deliveries, catering to complaints and more.
  3. DEEP PERSONALIZATION: Each employee goes through a personalized experienced based on starting level (assessed through automated assessments), native language and job role.
  4. MEASURABILITY: Hello English’s AI-led, voice interactive, gamified platform improves engagement and knowledge retention in trainings, while making training impact more measurable with powerful assessments and dashboard.
  5. ENGAGEMENT: Leaderboards, ranks, multi-player experiences keep employees motivated and boost completion rates and results.

Our pedagogy is proven to improve English proficiency levels by 3.7 times more than other traditional mediums.

Watch a user feedback story from Domino’s India

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