Hello English Gold – FAQs

Q: How long is each slot?
A: Each slot is of 30 min duration.

Q: How do I attend?
A: There are several slots listed every day. You can book a slot basis your convenience.

Q: What is the format of the lessons?
A: Live Video Session with an expert English teacher with groups of up to 5 people only and immediate personalized feedback.

Q: What happens if I book and do not attend?
A: You can cancel your booking up to 1 hour before the class. If there is a no-show from your end  – that is you have booked the session but were unable to cancel it and were also unable to attend – there will be a penalty of 1 day being deducted from your overall plan. This is to make sure that students do not abuse the slots and allow other students to take sessions as well.

Q: Can I cancel my previously booked slots?
A: Yes, till up to 1 hour before your class starts,  you can cancel your slot by going to the slot / class detail page or by emailing premium@helloenglish.com with CANCELLATION in its subject in all capitals.

Q: Can I book more than one slots per day?
A: No, You can book just one slot in a day.

Q: What if I want to book another slot for the day instead of the old one?
A: You should get your previous slot cancelled manually by emailing premium@helloenglish.com during Monday-Friday 10-7PM – only after that you will be allowed to rebook another slot for the day.

Q: What if there is some issue with the session or with the teacher due to which the session cannot happen
A: While Hello English tries its best to make sure that the lessons are run on time as scheduled, some things are beyond our hands – if the teacher has to cancel the session due to some emergency – there will either be a substitute teacher to take the session at the time scheduled or else you will get notified + get one extra day added to your plan as a goodwill gesture from our end.

Q: Will the lesson recordings be available for future reference?
A: All lesson recordings and notes shared – of the lessons attended by you are available for future reference. 

Q: Who are the teachers who teach?
A: All teachers are experts in teaching English and are carefully selected by Hello English to teach on the platform. The teacher selection ratio is 10:1 so a very high quality is maintained for teachers. 

Q: What if I want to teach?
A: If you are a certified English teacher (CELTA / TEFL / TESOL) or have been teaching English is the past, email your resume to premium@helloenglish.com with GOLD_TEACHER in the subject line.

Q Will I get all Pro features as well?
A: Yes You get access to all Hello English Pro features for the period of subscription. These include personalized adaptive learning, adfree experience and unlocks all lessons.

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