Do versus Make

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Do versus Make

If you are new to the language and trying to learn it, these two words could really confuse you. Let us learn the difference between Do versus Make.


It is used for finishing a task, actions, obligations or for a repetitive task. It is also used when talking about work or jobs or when we refer to activities in general without being specific. In these cases, we sometimes use DO to replace a verb when the meaning is clear or obvious. This is more common in informal spoken English.

  • I really need to do the laundry; I don’t have any clean clothes left!
  • I’ll make dinner if you do the dishes afterwards.
  • I do at least half an hour of exercise every day.


It is used to create or produce something. It is also used to indicate the origin of a product or the materials that are used to make something. We also use it for producing an action or reaction.

  • I’m making dinner – it’ll be ready in about ten minutes.
  • Could you make me a turkey sandwich?
  • Let’s make a vacation plan soon.

We hope this clears your doubts and you do not make the same ‘ Do, Make’ mistake again.

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