Difference between: Adapt, Adept, and Adopt

Difference between: Adapt, Adept, and Adopt

Similar sound and almost similar spellings, these words are really confusing aren’t they?

Here’s the basic difference between:¬†Adapt, Adept, and Adopt.¬†‘Adept’ is an adjective, but ‘adopt’ and ‘adapt’ are verbs. Let’s have a look at their meanings.


To change for a new situation or purpose, it means to get accustomed to something. It is a verb and it can be either transitive or intransitive.

  • She has adapted to work life.
  • The movie was adapted from a book.


An adjective which means good at doing something difficult. It is most often used with the preposition ‘at’.

  • He is adept at using computers.
  • They are adept at this form of dancing.


A verb which means, to legally take something as your own or to begin using something. It is always transitive.

  • Rene was adopted as a child.
  • We have adopted a new manner of work.

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