Compliment versus Complement

Compliment versus Complement

It is very easy to get confused between Compliment and Complement. Compliment versus Complement. These words are pronounced the same way and have a difference of only an I and an E but that is what makes them different.


Compliment means to praise someone and offer admiration towards someone.

  • The airline thanked the passengers for their help and complimented the captain on his initiative.
  • Make a mental note of the colours you’re wearing whenever people compliment you on the way you look.
  • I must compliment all of our employees for their support and commitment this year.


On the other hand when one thing complements the other; each of the two separate items functions or looks better because they are together: they both contribute something that enhances or improves the overall effect.

  • This sauce is a complement for the dish.
  • The bread was a complement for the soup.
  • Both of them complement each other perfectly.

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