Ariel takes a step towards eradicating gender disparity with Hello English’s voice innovation

In today’s day and age, it’s imperative for every member of the household to own equal responsibility of household chores. Ariel aims to echo this message with its #ShareTheLoad campaign – it wants every member of a household to own a fair share of tasks and break away from stereotyping the tasks to women alone. […]


Leveraging Hello English’s Voice and AI innovation, Vodafone set a new benchmark in digital advertising and bagged the prestigious ABBY Award for its Vodafone Sakhi campaign, under the category ‘Best Use of Mobile for Marketing’.  CAMPAIGN GOAL This path breaking digital campaign focused on educating women on their safety and creating awareness about Vodafone’s features such as: location alert, […]

Hello English Efficacy Study

The Hello English (HE) efficacy study was independently conducted by ROUMEN VESSELINOV and JOHN GREGO, from September, 2016 to January, 2017. ROUMEN VESSELINOV has a PhD. in Economics from Queens College, City University of New York.  JOHN GREGO has a PhD. in Statistics from University of South Carolina. This study was funded by the Central Square Foundation, […]


Punctuation marks are the most essential part of writing. They show the reader where sentences start or stop. They also help people understand and read a sentence clearly and effectively. But even after years of learning, punctuation is just of those things people mess up. Sometimes, poor grammar punctuation could seriously work against you. For […]