Beside versus Besides

Beside versus Besides

Let us learn the correct way of using each of these words. Let’s outline their definitions and usage.


This is a preposition which means ‘at the side of’ or ‘next to’.

  • My best friend will always stand beside me.
  • We all sat beside the fire and cooked.

It can also be used in comparison with; on equal footing with:

  • This policy seems quite ordinary when it’s beside the others.
  • You have earned your place beside the best reporters in the industry.


This can function both as an adverb and as a preposition. As an adverb, besides is defined as in addition to, as well; moreover, furthermore.

  • I’m perfectly willing to take on more work and I want to besides.
  • I’m too tired to go swimming. Besides, the water is too cold.
  • As a preposition, besides is defined as in addition to; apart from.


  • Besides the award, there was a write-up in the local paper.
  • No one besides the store manager can make that call.

To avoid confusion- beside is used exclusively for the meaning at the side of. Similarly, besides, as a preposition, is used exclusively for the meanings in addition to and except for.

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