CSR arms of top MNCs trust Hello English for scaling their education/upskilling initiative

800 million people across the world lack basic reading and writing needed to accomplish simple tasks such as reading a medicine label or filling out a job application, costing the global economy more than $ 1.19 trillion a year. Illiteracy costs India $53 billion a year.

 Companies are spending CSR funds on enhancing teachers’ capacities as well as learning outcomes for students rather than just on school infrastructure. Similarly, companies are looking at cluster-based development models to bring a sustainable impact in specific regions

 We here at Hello English understand that there is ample potential for the corporate sector to address the missing gaps in the education ecosystem and hence facilitate their CSR initiative by introducing our award-winning Hello English app for skilling the youth for better jobs.

Why Hello English?

  • SCALABILITY: A mobile-first platform, Hello English makes training automated, standardized and scalable across 1000s of locations and job roles. Users can learn from anywhere, at any time – even when they’re offline!

  • JOB-READY: As the corporations realize the importance of educational equity in the establishment of a sustainable economy they are proactively looking for collaboration platforms to develop core skills like English. Hello English helps in developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills which are crucial to seek better jobs.

  • DEEP PERSONALIZATION: Each user goes through a personalized experience based on starting level (assessed through automated assessments), native language and job role.

  • MEASURABILITY: Hello English’s AI-led, voice interactive, gamified platform improves engagement and knowledge retention in training while making training impact more measurable with powerful assessments and dashboard.

  • ENGAGEMENT: Leaderboards, ranks, multiplayer experiences keep employees motivated and boost completion rates and results.


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